Registered Devon Cattle Herd Sold Fall 2012

I miss my Devons and can't bear to remove this from my website - just yet.  Read here to see how I managed the herd and what role they played in the overall agroecosystem.

I have been breeding beef Devons for since 2004 as a part of my overall plan for sustainability on the farm.  My original breeding stock were purchased from Mike Scannel and Joan Harris of Harrier Fields Farm in Stuyvesant, NY.  My cows came out of the Buckeye line of polled Devons and have excellent conformation.  I have used bulls with Rotokawa genetics each year.  They are docile, easy calving,  deep bodied and fertile.  Although I have not used polled bulls, I am selecting for all polled heifers.  All cattle are registered with the American Devon Cattle Association (ADCA), are certified by Animal Welfare Approved, and are rotationally grazed during the growing season and fed high-quality hay in winter.  100% grassfed from birth to finish!

Summer 2012 Herd Sale - 4 heifers, 4 cows with July calves at their sides, 6 polled, all grassfed beautiful cows, docile, easy calving.  Prefer to sell as family group to experienced grazier.  Ready for pick-up late August/September.  E-mail or call (518) 537-4668.  DEVON HERD NOW SOLD!!!

The cows and heifers SOLD:
Georgie Girl, my boss cow.  Buckeye line, bred by Harrier Fields Farm. Polled, DOB 2003. ADCA Registration #P39601.


Gansvoort's Sally, Rotokawa and Buckeye genetics, polled.  DOB 2006.  ADCA Registration #P40130.

Gansvoort's Summer, Rotokawa and Buckeye genetics, polled.  DOB 2008. ADCA Registration #P40696.

Gansvoort's Nell, Rotokawa and Buckeye genetics, polled.  First-calf heifer, DOB 2009.  ADCA Registration #P40936FB.

Gansvoort's Tulip, Rotokawa and Buckeye genetics, polled.  Yearling heifer, DOB 2011.  ADCA Registration #PX42631.

Gansvoort's Scarlet, Rotokawa and Buckeye genetics, dehorned.  Yearling heifer, DOB 2011.  ADCA registration #HX42632.

Gansvoort's Dolly, Rotokawa and Buckeye genetics, Dehorned,  Yearling heifer, DOB 2011. ADCA registration #HX42633.

Gansvoort's June, Rotokawa and Buckeye genetics, polled.  Yearling hiefer, DOB 2011.  ADCA Registration #PX42633.

And the new calves - between 2 and 3 weeks old in this photo.  3 bull calves and one heifer.


The whole herd in a permanent paddock near the barn while we waited for the summer calves to be born.  Note the deep bodies and straight backs.  These are beautiful red Devons!

This is Galen, the bull that fathered Nell and June, back in 2009.  Rotokawa genetics, he produced beautiful small calves with perfect conformation.  He is no longer at Gansvoort but his offspring are doing well.