Ordering Lamb

Ordering whole or half 100% grass-fed lambs in summer/fall:

I lamb on pasture in May and the first lambs are sent out for processing in late September.  I usually ship batches out once a month till November, so they are 4 -5 months old and very tender.  I rotationally graze on organically managed pasture and use no hormones or antibiotics.  The lambs stay with their mothers all summer so they naturally wean themselves by August.  The whole flock is 100% grass fed and since the lambs are on such good pasture and get moved to a fresh paddock every 24 hours, they are very well fattened and healthy.  My butcher says this is some of the nicest lamb he's ever seen!

I charge by the carcass wt (usually referred to as "hanging wt"), which is the carcass with feet and head removed, skin off.  My sheep are Icelandic and Dorset crosses, so hanging wts run between 25 and 50 pounds. The wt of the box of meat you end up with is a bit less than that since most people have bones removed from some cuts, etc., but I do give you bones cut up for making stock.  

I am charging a premium for large lambs, with price per pound hanging weight $8/lb.  Small lambs are $6.50/lb. However, this year I do not expect many if any "small lambs" . Consider getting a 1/2 carcass if you don't want so much.  I also pass on the processing fee from the butcher which is $80.  A "large" lamb is defined as anything over 35 pounds hanging weight.  To get a sense of how much a lamb will cost, for example, for a whole lamb with a hanging wt of 40 lbs, that would be 40 x $8.00 = $320, plus $80 = $400.  You can also buy half a lamb - for this example it would be half the price: $200.  

All lamb is cut to order.  If you want, I can go over the cutting instructions with you and help you figure out how you want it done.  E-mail me to place an order or to ask questions: gansvoort@gmail.com 

E-mail me to get on the list for lamb in the fall of 2020!


Whole Lamb: $8.00/lb hanging weight plus $80 processing fee for lambs 35 pounds and over, $6.50/lb plus $80 for small lambs. 

Legs: Left whole or cut in half, can be deboned and butterflied, or cut into leg steaks
Rack: Can leave the ribs as a rack or have them cut into chops. 
Thickness of chops (rib and loin chops): Standard is one and a half inches
Shoulders:  A nice way to have the shoulders done is boned and rolled into a small roast tied with string.  Shoulder makes really excellent stew meat.  Alternatively you can have it cut into shoulder chops.
Shanks: These are from the top of the front legs and the lower part of the back legs.  Can leave whole or have them cut into 2 inch lengths. Fabulous braised slowly in wine.
Stew meat: This will come from the trim unless you want to use shoulder or another tender cut.
Ground lamb:  If you want ground lamb, you need to give up some other cut since he won't have enough to get through his  grinder.  I suggest using one of the shoulders if you want ground.  Otherwise, you can wait until winter and buy ground lamb (or mutton, to be precise) sold in one-pound packs at $11/lb.
Organ meats:  You can have any organs you want - liver, kidney, heart, etc.  Please specify.
Soup bones:  All orders will get soup bones unless you say you don't want them.

When you e-mail me to order lamb, you can copy and paste this list of cuts and edit it to indicate how you want yours done.
e-mail: gansvoort@gmail.com

Lamb is ready for pick up frozen, wrapped in butcher paper, with each package labeled.  I transfer it from Columbia Cold Storage back to my limited freezer space at the farm and will arrange for a pick up day.

***Ground mutton available at Hearty Roots Farm store across the road. gansvoort@gmail.com 

Ground mutton sold in 1 pound cryovac packs
Great for lamb burgers or shepherd's pie!