Welcome to Gansvoort Farm!  
My farm is located in
New York’s Hudson Valley, a few hours north of New York City. 
I raise
sheep using intensive rotational grazing on organically-managed pastures with humane and sustainable practices.
  All my lamb is 100% grass-fed - absolutely no grain is used for lambs or ewes. I take pride in producing quality products using methods that restore soil fertility, protect water quality and biodiversity, and provide a healthy, safe and natural environment for my animals.

You are welcome to visit the farm –  I enjoy taking interested people on pasture walks to show them how I rotate the flock, talk about sustainable animal health, and share the beauty of the land.  Just contact me in advance and we'll arrange a time! Photo at left is a lamb and her mom on some lush alfalfa-grass pasture in late August of this year.

I still have a few lambs left for fall 2018.  See link at left on Ordering Lamb

I have 100% grassfed lamb for sale beginning in September each fall, sold as half or whole carcasses, cut to order.  Please see the link at left on "ordering lamb", then e-mail me and I'll be in touch.  

***** Icelandic pelts! One black left, and lot of white! E-mail me for details. gansvoort@gmail.com

***Wool Comforters! -  The 2018 comforters are expected back from the mill any day, just as the weather turns cool!  This year I ordered some made with black or brown wool, which are really special looking.  See link at left for details. 

***Felted wool, approx 3 ft x 5 ft squares, all natural colors.  Use as a rug, a throw for the couch, or make pillows, slippers, etc! I have about a dozen left.

Read about my farm in an article in the Hill Country Observer, written by environmental and social activist, Tracy Frisch: 

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