Pictures of the Farm

New Hearty Roots flock now at Gansvoort!

My two new rams for 2019: Luuk, the Texel on the left, and Alec the Icelandic on the right, a few days before breeding started.

My barn after the big snow storm, Dec 3rd 2019

Lovely white ewe on north hill October 2019

Roxie, my border collie, in October with beautiful sumac 2019

Ewes on the north hill, November 2019

One-month old lambs on tall grass near the end of the first rotation, June 2019.

Birds going for a ride - a perfect perch to wait for the bugs flying up from the grass!

It is a rare treat to have the whole flock right out the back door - they only pass by here 3 times a year for short 48 hours. This picture was taken on August 11, 2018.

I am working on increasing the red clover and birdsfoot trefoil to improve pasture quality and pollinator nectar sources. Bumble bees particularly like the clover.

Red Clover overlooking the middle of the farm from the north hill, late August.

Flock rotating through middle field in November 2017

Roxie, my border collie, looking silly...

Double rainbow over the barn early November 2017.

Ewe flock on great fall grass.

Final rotation through the middle field November 2017, with the barn and house in background at right. These sheep are all the females, moms and ewe-lambs right before the final sorting when I select for replacements.

Roxie near one of the lovely Tupelo trees near the orchard, fall 2017.

This is my purebred Icelandic ram, Wendel, named after the well-known food system thinker, Wendel Berry. Town of Clermont in the background.

My sister processed this picture from a few years back of me feeding bottle lambs in the field.

Mom and her young lamb, spring 2017

Two little icelandic lambs from spring 2017

My sister, Torbie, photo-shopped this picture of the ewe flock in their winter woods. Beautiful, eh?

Below, Jay, my first border collie, with her flock behind.

Walking the flock to a fresh paddock in the orchard, July 2014.

Greta, one of my favorites, below, looking sultry on a hot day.

A fine ewe and her triplets, July 2013.

Flock on chicory mix, July 2012.

Flock waiting for a paddock move, summer 2012.

Cows, moms pregnant, waiting to calve in the pen near the barn, July 2012.

Jay, my Border Collie, out for a walk on the farm road after the big snowfall, Dec 27 2010 (left) and close up in summer 2010 (right).

Flock in the winter paddock in early morning, Dec 30 2010.

Ewe lamb "Angel", Dec 30 2010.

"Spring", one of my foundation Devons from Harrier Fields Farm, Dec 30 2010.

Devons in their winter paddock after a snowfall, Dec 30 2010.

Me and Jay in apple orchard, fall 2010 (Photo credit Gale Zucker GZUCKER.COM)

The near apple orchard, fall 2010 (Photo credit Gale Zucker GZUCKER.COM)

Portrait of Ella, one of my older ewes (Photo credit Gale Zucker GZUCKER.COM)

Part of the flock with Devons in adjacent field, fall 2010 (Photo credit Gale Zucker GZUCKER.COM)

The ewe flock right before breeding begins, early Dec 2019