Welcome to Gansvoort Farm!

My farm is located in New York’s Hudson Valley, a few hours north of New York City. I've been raising 100% grassfed sheep using intensive rotational grazing on organically-managed pastures with humane and sustainable practices since 2002.

This year I decided to stop raising my own sheep but soon there will be more animals on the farm. A new neighbor, Dirty Dog Farm, will graze some of their beef herd here starting next spring, and Ben and Lindsey of Hearty Roots Community Farm will start raising sheep here again in the fall of 2021 with me helping to train their shepherd. I take pride in managing my land using methods that restore soil carbon and fertility, protect water quality and biodiversity, and provide a healthy, safe and natural environment for livestock. And although I won't have my own sheep here anymore, I look forward to collaborating with my neighbors to continue to produce healthy food!

*** Wool Comforters! ***

My wool comforters from the spring 2020 shearing are almost sold out. They still have just a few sizes left at Hearty Roots, available by order from their website. See more pictures and prices by clicking on link at left "Wool comforters and lamb pelts". I intend to seek out local wool from other farms next year so I can continue to offer these wonderful comforters. Look for them by late summer 2021. If you want to be put on a wait list, email me at gansvoort@gmail.com

***** Icelandic pelts! ***

The pelts from the lamb crop of fall 2020 are at the tannery now and are expected back in March. They will all be for sale through Hearty Roots Farm Store across the road. Keep your eyes out for them in spring.

Here is an article on my thoughts on regenerative farming: