Welcome to Gansvoort Farm!  

My farm is located in
New York’s Hudson Valley, a few hours north of New York City. 
I raise
sheep using intensive rotational grazing on organically-managed pastures with humane and sustainable practices.
  All my lamb is 100% grass-fed - absolutely no grain is used for lambs or ewes. I take pride in producing quality products using methods that restore soil fertility, protect water quality and biodiversity, and provide a healthy, safe and natural environment for my animals.

You are welcome to visit the farm –  I enjoy taking interested people on pasture walks to show them how I rotate the flock, talk about sustainable animal health, and share the beauty of the land.  Just contact me in advance and we'll arrange a time! Click on photo at left to see first cutting hay just mowed on Memorial Day 2018, with the Black Locust trees I planted in 2010 in full bloom.

See link at left on Ordering Lamb

I have 100% grassfed lamb for sale beginning in September each fall, sold as half or whole carcasses, cut to order.  If you want to get on the list for this year, please see the link at left on "ordering lamb", then e-mail me and I'll be in touch.  

***** Icelandic pelts are back from the tannery! All colors! E-mail me for details. gansvoort@gmail.com

***Wool Comforters! -  I still have all sizes in stock.  See link at left for details. 

***Felted wool, approx 3 ft x 5 ft squares, all natural colors.  Use as a rug, a throw for the couch, or make pillows, slippers, etc! I have about a dozen left.

Read about my farm in an article in the Hill Country Observer, written by environmental and social activist, Tracy Frisch: 

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