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2016 Results

Sales data from January 4th 2016 to January 1st 2017

 ManufacturerRelease Date System Units Sold in 2016Total Units Sold 
 Sony11/11/2006 PlayStation 3 47.73810.242.867
 Nintendo26/02/2011Nintendo 3DS hf2.074.74322.263.870
 26/02/2011Nintendo 3DS66.55710.008.690
 28/07/2012Nintendo 3DS XL 13.1406.957.569
 11/10/2014New Nintendo 3DS 248.5601.081.009
 11/10/2014New Nintendo 3DS XL 1.357.8773.827.993
 15/09/2016Nintendo 2DS 388.609388.609 
 Sony17/12/2011 PlayStation Vita hf849.6695.443.213
 17/12/2011PlayStation Vita 849.6695.258.061
 Nintendo08/12/2012 Wii U 284.4203.283.702
 Sony22/02/2014 PlayStation 4 hf1.812.0724.012.461
 22/02/2014PlayStation 41.686.5193.886.908 
 10/11/2016PlayStation 4 Pro125.553125.553 
 Microsoft04/09/2014 Xbox One hf9.34373.773
 04/09/2014Xbox One 7.08871.518 
 24/11/2016Xbox One S 2.2552.255 

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