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2012 Results

Sales data from January 2nd 2012 to Decembder 30th 2012

 ManufacturerRelease Date System Units Sold in 2012Total Units Sold 
 Sony04/03/2000 PlayStation 2 24.23321.234.368
 Nintendo02/12/2004 Nintendo DS hf68.97332.878.490
 01/11/2008Nintendo DSi 31.3595.865.417
 21/11/2009Nintendo DSi XL 37.6142.332.959
 Sony12/12/2004 PlayStation Portable hf885.44619.117.322
 12/12/2004PlayStation Portable 885.44618.956.747
 Microsoft10/12/2005 Xbox 360 65.1171.588.011
 Sony11/11/2006 PlayStation 3 1.255.6868.735.382
 Nintendo02/12/2006 Wii 455.01212.654.707
 26/02/2011Nintendo 3DS hf5.499.7379.781.879
 26/02/2011Nintendo 3DS3.409.3667.691.508
 28/07/2012Nintendo 3DS XL 2.090.3712.090.371
 Sony17/12/2011 PlayStation Vita 690.8391.130.825
 Nintendo08/12/2012 Wii U 638.339 638.339 

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