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2006 Results

Sales data from January 2nd 2006 to December 31st 2006

 ManufacturerRelease Date System Units Sold in 2006Total Units Sold 
 Sony04/03/2000 PlayStation 2 1.470.65419.506.003
 Nintendo21/03/2001 Game Boy Advance hf407.34115.451.528
 14/02/2003Game Boy Advance SP 260.5075.921.770
 13/09/2005Game Boy Micro 146.834552.502
 14/09/2001Nintendo GameCube79.3954.014.035
 Nintendo02/12/2004 Nintendo DS hf8.358.73014.005.679
 02/12/2004Nintendo DS935.4056.582.355
 02/03/2006Nintendo DS Lite 7.423.3247.423.324
 Sony12/12/2004 PlayStation Portable 1.841.9894.512.654
 Microsoft10/12/2005 Xbox 360 195.942290.467
 Sony11/11/2006 PlayStation 3 466.716 466.716 
 Nintendo02/12/2006 Wii 989.118 989.118 

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