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1995 Top 100

System Software Sales % # of Games Publisher Software Sales % # of games
SFC 18.073.926 43,80% 140 SEGA 6.720.526 16,29% 49
PS1 10.334.385 25,04% 79 Namco 3.711.083 8,99% 15
SAT 10.155.416 24,61% 90 Squaresoft 3.504.031 8,49% 4
NG 792.819 1,92% 21 Nintendo 3.255.227 7,89% 12
GB 787.565 1,91% 14 Enix 2.350.642 5,70% 5
PCE 561.829 1,36% 19 Bandai 1.967.894 4,77% 21
3DO 378.465 0,92% 22 SCE 1.955.563 4,74% 15
SMD 131.686 0,32% 8 Konami 1.912.423 4,63% 21
VB 25.934 0,06% 3 Hudson 1.514.653 3,67% 18
GG 12.965 0,03% 2 ASCII 1.419.550 3,44% 4
PCX 11.822 0,03% 1 Others 12.955.220 31,39% 235
Total 41.266.812 100,00% 399 Total 41.266.812 100,00% 399

Sales results fron January 2nd 1995 to December 31st 1995


Famitsu not always presented actual sales data on their magazines, before the later half of 1996 they presented the top 30 in points, since then it's been discovered that by multiplying the number of points x3.65 we got the actual sales for that week, that's how the data is presented in the 1996 pages.

For 1995, just like 1996, all the data in the top 30 was presented in points, however we don't know the exact multiplier for that year, we don't even know if it changed at all, or when it changed, to what it changed to nor for how long; data in older issues is also less reliable, due to this the data on the 1995 pages is not entirely reliable and won't be used on it's entirety.

As we don't know the actual multiplier for all 1995 data it was used the x3.65 of 1996, when checking the sales of games and comparing it with official data we notice that for the most part it's rather correct, at least we're at the ball park, however for certain games we're way off any official data released.

If sales data from a 1995 game is elsewhere on the site is different from the one listed here now you know why.

You may also noticed that this page has column not seen anywhere else, the "Missing Weeks" column, you see, since 1996 when doing the top 30 famitsu would release how much the game sold that week and it's total sales by that week, however in 1995 they simply reported sales of the game on that week and that week only, due to this the YTD and LTD columns are incomplete and for all the games where the Missing Weeks data is higher than 0 then the actual data is higher, we just don't know how much is it.

We could've posted either incomplete data or no data.

GB: Game Boy
NG: Neo Geo
PS1: PlayStation
SAT: SEGA Saturn
SFC: Super Famicom
PCE: PC Engine
SMD: SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis)
GG: SEGA Game Gear
3DO: 3DO
VB: Virtual Boy