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The data on this page contains all the data found on the subpages of Software by Platform, it exist to showcase all the information in one page if needed. As with the information of those pages this one contains official shipment data for games released before 1996 and Famitsu data for those released later. Digital IS NOT included.

This page is updated monthly. Currently updated as of August 30th, 2020.

The SKU Option is vital for browsing the data on this page, and without choosing an option the data will appear messy, with the same game appear over and over again.
  • The All SKUs option makes the table displays all the individual SKUs on released on the platform, which is to say a game and all it's individual rereleases separately.
  • The Combined SKUs option makes the table display the addition of all the rereleases of one game as one single entry, which is to say a game and all it's individual rereleases combined, the rerelases are not displayed on this option. In order to indicate that the entry is a combined SKU it has the tag [All Versions]
360: Xbox 360 GBA: Game Boy Advance NGP: Neo Geo Pocket PS4: PlayStation 4 VB: Virtual Boy
3DO: 3DO GG: Game Gear PCE: PC Engine PSP: PlayStation Portable WII: Wii
3DS: Nintendo 3DS N64: Nintendo 64 PCX: PC-FX PSV: PlayStation Vita WIU: Wii U
DC: Dreamcast NDS: Nintendo DS PS1: PlayStation   SAT: SEGA Saturn WS: WonderSwan
FC: Famicom NG: Neo Geo PS2: PlayStation 2 SFC: Super Famicom XB1: Xbox One
GB: Game Boy NGC: Nintendo Game Cube PS3: PlayStation 3 SMD: SEGA Mega Drive XBX: Xbox  

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