What to Find Here

Game Data Libary contains more than 140 pages that contain sales data for over 12.000 games between 30 consoles and harware sales data for 20 of them. With so much to see you may not know where to start, so here's a little rundown of what this site has to offer.
  • Digital Sales Archive: Digital sales have become increasingly important when talking about sales of games in the last few years and the subpages of this page contain all the digital estimates released by Famitsu since they started doing it in September 2013. It is worth noting however that sales are only estimations and have been often wrong so they should be taken as such. Digital results are given out on a monthly basis, usually in the last week of the month. Subpages include
    • Monthly Charts: As the name suggests it includes all the sales data by month.
    • Total Digital Results: All the data from the monthly charts is combined here into a single one, displaying the game's known digital LTD. 
  • Game Search: You'll find the entirety of software sales data on this page, from Famicom to PlayStation 4 absolutely everything is here. However due to the inmense ammount of data the page carries it is updated monthly.
  • Hardware by Platform: The subpages of this page contains hardware data for consoles in particular, which is to say what that system sold each week it was tracked, it total sales by that week and it total sales period. Console with the oldest hardware data is the PlayStation, there's nothing before that. It contains data for 20 consoles, the ones that get updated weekly are:
  • Hardware by Year: The complementary pages of Hardware by Platform are here, which is to say, total sales for all consoles in an especific year starting in 1997. There are two main sets of sub pages, Weekly Sales and Results. Weekly Sales contain data of how much each system sold that week, how much it had sold for the year by that week and its total sales by that week along with a timeline of the whole year to illustrate. Results just compile all the data and showcases them through graphs. Pages updated weekly are:
  • List of Million Sellers: As the name suggest it contains sales data for all games that has sold more than 1 million units in Japan. The purpose of this site is to host data officially released by the publishers, though in case that data is never released it contains the data released by Famitsu rounded up. As most of this data was released through official channels it sometimes may differ from data found elsewhere on the site. This page is updated every 3 months, if there's anything to update.
  • Software by Platform: Essentially the same as Hardware by Platform but with software sales instead. The subpages of this page contains all the release data for sales of games of that platform, all pages contain the name of the game, how much it sold it's first week (if available), it's total known sales, for the PlayStation 3 and systems released afterwards the game's retail and digital sales (if available), as well as it's publisher and release date. There's also a filter to either show the games when combining SKUs or showcasing them all separated; certain pages contain additional filters exclusive to them. The oldest complete list is the one for the SEGA Saturn, though it includes incomple lists for systems such as the Famicom, Super Famicom, Game Boy, among others. Pages updated weekly are:
  • Software by Year: Complementary page to Software by Platform, it has two sets of subpages, Top 100/300/500/1000 and Weekly. The weekly pages just contain the entire weekly sales of that year, all the Top 30 for every week. The Top pages are just the compile data from the weekly charts, the Top pages are officially released by Famitsu on a yearly basis and has been increasing over the years, from 1996 - 1998 is Top 100 (2014 and 2015 pages are 100 for the time being), 1999-2003 are Top 300, 2004-2008 are Top 500 and 2009-2013 are Top 1000. All the Top pages include the total sales of the game that year and its total sales by the end of that year, as well as some graphs compiling the entire software sales per system and per 10 biggest publishers. Oldest official data starts in 1996 though there's a special year in 1995 as it's Top 100 was never released and it's weekly sales can be innacurate. Pages updated weekly are:
  • Hardware Totals: This sales compiles all the hardware sales into one page. Similar to the List of Million Sellers the objective of this site is to have only information released officially and such it contains shipped rather than sold data. However when official data isn't released it contains Famitsu hardware data rounded up. This page is updated every 3 months.