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Indoor Winter Percussion

Gaffney Varsity Indoor Percussion  

ike the Winter Guard, Indoor Percussion ramps up just after Christmas Break.  Set indoors, the percussion group consists of two distinct groups coming together in rhythm and motion to convey a story.  The Battery, or marching percussion, conveys the story through their precision movement and intricate rhythms, while the front ensemble, sometimes called the "pit" carries the melodies and the emotion of the show.  The "step up" in difficulty for Indoor Percussion brings with it some of the biggest skill advances for young percussionists and typically draws musicians from the marching band's horn and woodwind
 lines to fill the squad.  All students must audition for this ensemble.  This year's Varsity Unit is no exception, featuring quite a few musicians from the Woodwind and Brass Sections of our BAND OF GOLD.  

Our younger ensemble, the Jr. Indoor Percussion Ensemble, is group of K-8 students from our feeder middle and elementary schools competing head to head with other Novice High School groups.

Gaffney Jr Indoor Percussion