PSK 31

PSK 31 is a data mode using an SSB transceiver and computer sound card. The beauty of this particular mode is that it occupies very little bandwidth. This results in some great DX contacts that would not normally be possible from a modestly equipped station using SSB. Here are some PSK programmes that I have used and my personal opinions of their capabilities.

One of the best adaptations of PSK 31 is being able to automatically upload the callsigns of the stations you receive to the PSK Automatic Propagation Reporter which can be found at . My radio & PC are nearly always on and sending reports to this web site.


This is the first program that I used for PSK31 and is still my favourite to use for QSO's. The controls to me are quite easy to operate, although this may be due to fact that this the one that I have used the most. Like all the other programs listed here, this program decodes all the QSOs operating within the receive channel bandwidth and displays them all in a multiple window on the right of the screen. This program cannot currently link to pskreporter.


This program can work on just about any operating system and is very easy on system resources. I use FLDIGI to upload my reports to as it has a simple "spot" button that uploads the data automatically. The previous version of the software had the multi channel display appear as a "pop up" window. This has now been included in the main operating window which I feel is a much better arrangement. The program can be used to communicate using other data modes and can also be configured to operate with CAT enabled radios.


Anyone familiar with using Digipan will like this program. It is primarily intended to be used with Vista machines and has a clean and uncluttered layout. The latest version has the ability to upload reports to pskreporter. I like the way that the program extracts the station callsigns in the multiple message display. The program can also control a compatible rig remotely.


The DM780 program can handle a wide range of data modes including SSTV. It is a very impressive program that really needs a 1GHz+ PC  to work well. I can get it to run on my 866MHz PC with 256MB of RAM but I need to make sure that no other programs are running. The superbrowser is particularly impressive but I find the display a bit too cluttered when I try to use it for a QSO. DM780 is part of Ham Radio Deluxe which can be used to remotely control your radio via your computer. DM780 can also be used to upload data to .

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I recommend all these programs and suggest that you give them a try to see which one best suits your equipment and operating technique.