Software Defined Radio

A recent construction project is this software defined radio receiver for 40m the Soft66dB2.  The radio is very simple to construct and has remarkable performance using Rocky software.

I was particularly attracted to this kit as it was reasonably priced and did not use any surface mount components. I have housed it in a small plastic box using a standard "wall wart" style power supply. It should be possible to build the radio in an evening with the only fiddly bit being the winding of the toroids.

Hands Free Kit for Feidaxin Hand-held Radios

I built a simple hands free kit for my Feidaxin radios to use in the car. Full details can be found in the PDF file listed below under attachments. 

Antenna Projects

Please view my antennas page for the current progress on my antenna projects.

Neil McGrath,
14 Nov 2009, 02:59