HF Activities

I am fairly new to HF having purchased my first HF radio in 2007. It is a Trio TS-820s, a solid state/valve hybrid radio from the early eighties. I am very impressed with its performance and it can be worked on by the owner without the need for special test equipment. Owning an old radio like this is a bit like running a classic car. It may not have all the bells and whistles of the latest models, but it is a joy to use and keep on the air. Ideal for a born tinkerer like myself.

There is a user group for the owners of the old Kenwood & Trio hybrid rigs which be found at the following address:  


This radio is very easy to use on PSK31, SSTV and other soundcard modes. The radio has a line level input and output phono socket (originally intended as a phone patch interface) together with a VOX system. No fancy interfaces are required, just connect a pair of audio cables to your computer sound card, set the audio levels, switch on the VOX and you are ready to go.