Feidaxin FD160 & 460 Review

I have owned my FD160A (VHF) and 460A  (UHF) for a couple of years and they were used daily to access local repeaters on my regular trips between London and Cambridge (approx 78 miles).

The 160A and 460A are basically the same as the 150/450 series, but they have the functions marked on the buttons (which makes programming much easier!).

The Good Bits:

Transmit audio is good.
Plenty of volume on receive (no problems when driving at motorway speeds)
Good sensitivity
100 memories
5w output
Easy to use when memories are set up.
Rugged construction

The Bad:
Some Rx breakthrough from nearby pager sites noticed on VHF (no problem on UHF)  .
Displayed S Meter is virtually useless.
Gets hot if transmitting for long periods (screen goes black).
Will only scan the full range of frequencies covered or all memory channels.
Programming from keyboard can be time consuming.

Despite the bad bits, at the price I paid I cannot complain. I have set the time out timer to 90 seconds to avoid problems with overheating (not unusual on handhelds). I always use the radio powered from the car via the Feidaxin adaptor and use a mini mag-mount antenna. The adaptor initially would cut out after a fairly short transmit period so I decided to carry out some minor surgery myself rather than return it to Hong Kong. The thermal cut out has now been replaced and it works fine.

The radios are ruggedly made and should be able to withstand years of  (ab)use.

Check out the simple hands free unit on my homebrew page.