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08) 08/26/2011 Dashboard and 12 Volt Controls

Getting ready to wire the dashboard and install all of the 12 volt bits. This is a lot easier to work if the dash is out of the car and on the workbench, rather than direct wired in place. It's the difference between working in the light while standing up versus working by braille in the dark while laying on your back with your feet in the air.

All of the wiring is routed through a 3/4" split loom harness. The Speedhut gauges are all electronic while the originals were mechanical with cables running to the tach and speedometer and an oil line and capillary tube attached to the combo oil pressure and temperature gauge. It was simple but messy.

Three terminal strips and a power distribution post will keep the wiring simple and flexible.

Laid out on a plank to attach the control wiring to the terminal strips. After this it was a simple matter to mount the dash in place.

Starting to look like a real car again!