Trustees and Management

The Forest of Dreams is a small charity which relies on volunteers and is run entirely by volunteers. The charity is overseen by our Trustees who are dedicated to the vision of the charity, which grew out of decades of summer camps held here by Shivam O'Brien and Spirit Horse. The forest is a sanctuary for all wild things, including the nurturance of deep rooted culture and natural community that continues to flourish, experiment and consolidate here.
ERIKA INDRA - Healer, counsellor, mother, women’s leader and proven veteran of community building. Co-creator of Spirit Horse, she has seen many such projects through from tiny beginnings to full flowerings.
PALOMA SUAREZ - Teacher, mother and singer. She lives and works in Bristol and also facilitates voicework and personal development with her husband.
ROBIN AARONSON - Economist and tree-planter. He is a former partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers and has sat on a number of government regulatory bodies, being currently a member of the Competition and Markets Authority. He also manages a woodland and wildflower-meadow at his home in Devon. His mother’s family are Welsh speakers from Cardiganshire.

FIONA COLLINS - Storyteller, grandmother and teacher. Fiona is passionate about supporting children and young people. She lives in North Wales and Welsh is her second language. Her Doctorate, awarded by the University of Surrey in 1999, explores the contribution of telling and listening to traditional stories to children's developing knowledge and understanding.


MANAGEMENT  SHIVAM O'BRIEN  The forest is leFt wild, unmanaged. The protection of that ethos and the rooting of this sacred outlook is carefully held by the ceremonial village of Spirit Horse, out of which the Forest of Dreams blossomed. This remaking of culture is spearheaded by Shivam, originator of Spirit Horse, who first discovered this valley and nurtured the dream of a truly wild place of retreat from the start in 1990.
SECRETARY - Andrew Head.