Corporate Sponsorship

Please contact us if your business wishes to sponsor or partner with The Forest of Dreams.

Corporate Partnering with Forest of Dreams can:

  • Be integral to your overall business strategy.
  • Be core to your contribution to the community.
  • Be reflected in your environmental values and vision.
  • Reflect a reduction in your organisational environmental impact.
  • Enable a positive action in minimising the ecological footprint of your operations
  • Offset unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions (trees re-absorb CO2 & store the carbon)
  • Demonstrate to investors and city analysts a recognition of the C02 Neutrality concept. 



    Potential Corporate Benefits

  • Benefits in reputational status with community, investors and city analysts
  • Offsetting emissions of GHGs
  • Partnership with woodland initiative
  • Donation to charity
  • Tax Relief on Monetary gifts and gifts in kind
  • Vocational management engagement
  • Positive action for Corporate Social Responsibility