Forest of Dreams - Coedwig y Breuddwydion
The Forest of Dreams Ltd is a charity set up to purchase, manage and protect in perpetuity, 
a beautiful area of land suited to being left wild as a place of sanctuary.

Latest News:
The land is continuing to return to its original face! Hundreds of young trees are being seen throughout the valley, which have naturally set.  Oak saplings are rising through the bracken on the higher slopes. It is all very promising and encouraging!

We have discovered new flowers and trees in new places, never before seen. This year, devil's-bit scabious has appeared by the small stream.
The dedication of our supporters over the last 15 years is being rewarded! Please continue to support us.
We are continuing to fund raise towards the ongoing costs of managing the land.

Why support The Forest Of Dreams?
If you care about any one of these : rewilding, woodland, wild land, conservation, children, youth and the contemporary crisis in culture - then this is a unique project addressing these concerns.

Please browse our website for more details and contact us if you require further information, or follow us on Facebook.

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Or when the deep green mantled earth
Warm cherished ev'ry flow'rets birth,
With joy and music pouring forth
In every grove, saw thee eye the gen’ral mirth
with boundless love. - Robert Burns
Website Last Updated 6th July 2016
Forest of Dreams is a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Charity Number: 1102410