This is the webpage for Fordham University's Biology Graduate Student Association (BGSA). This webpage is loaded with information to help Biology Graduate Students make the most of their time here at Fordham as students and as researchers.  If you have questions/concerns/suggestions, please email us at BGSAFordham@gmail.com.

The 2016-2017 cohort

Important Contacts

2016-2017 BGSA Board
President: Sarah Seepaulsingh
Vice President: Matt Combs
Secretary: Elle Barnes
Cell Member-at-Large: Deborah Lew
Eco Member-at-Large: Elizabeth Carlen
GSA Representative: Acer VanWallendael

Other department contacts
Department Chair: Dr. Jim Lewis (jdlewisfordham.edu)
Graduate Chair: Dr. Silvia Finneman (finneman@fordam.edu)
Teaching Lab Prep: Dr. Eugenia Ribeiro (eribeiro@fordham.edu)
Department Head Secretary: Frances Tiburcio (ftiburcio@fordham.edu)
Stockroom: Max Rodriguez (marodriguez@fordham.edu)
Calder Secretary: Petra del Valle (pdelvalle@fordham.edu)