We know there is a lot to review. Thank you for actually doing it. We hope that we are painting a very clear picture here so that you are best prepared for what to expect so that you have the best time possible!

Remember, this is not the usual Volunteer Event. You are making a FIRM commitment when you register. We are relying on you bringing the number of helpers you register for. We do not care if they are the original ones you had in mind, but every shift must be fulfilled by a capable person.

Your failure to show up in whole could deny others the experience because we only have a limited number of openings each shift. If some emergency arises and you find you cannot fulfill your commitment, please call us ASAP so we can make your shifts available to others. You should confirm with your participants a week before the shift.


Rain is NOT an acceptable excuse for cancellation! The parade does not stop for weather.

Before You Arrive

Know the limits of this job and understand there are extended wait times. There is a lot of hurry up and wait time. Your attitude will set your success in having fun. Decide to have a good day!

Be sure to review this information with all participants. Adults are required to supervise minors and should be helping to reinforce this information.

During floral week Security will not let you in without a pass! Passes are handed out at check in and you may keep your pass as a memento.

*Cell phones are a hazard in this environment they should not be in use in the building. This includes by adults as well. Even the Fiesta Staff minimize their cell phone use to only business calls related to building the floats. Please ensure that cell phones are left with leaders and adults monitoring the group.

Where To Go

All shifts are at Fiesta Parade Floats.

16016 Avenida Padilla, Irwindale, CA 91702

Parking is located at:

1111 W. 3rd Street, Azusa, CA

NOTE: You will not be Parking at, picking up, or dropping off at Fiesta!!

Parking/pick-up/drop-off is off site and you will be shuttled in. The map for parking, drop off, and pick up can be downloaded here.

What NOT to Bring

Please leave all valuables at home. Leave purses and backpacks in the trunk of your car or leave them at home and carry a small wallet or hip pack. The Tournament of Roses, Fiesta Parade Floats, and Girl Scouts are not responsible for any loss or damage to your personal belongings.

What to Bring

For each person attending, please bring:

  • ***Scissors are required! No Scissors means no work.***

  • A sack lunch or lunch money (during dry decorating days, there are only snack choices available for purchase)

  • A camp chair (during dry decorating days only.)

  • Water bottle that fully seals

  • Anyone with allergies should bring appropriate medications, we do not have any at the site.

  • Medical Information required by your group (Health History Forms)

  • Small First Aid Kit

  • Optional: automotive hand cleaner (the kind with grit works best)

  • Optional: towels and rags

What to Wear

**Only wear clothes that can get dirty and ruined. If they get glue on them, and it is likely they will, the glue will never come out.**

  • Long Pants are best

  • Layers!

  • Tee shirt

  • Sweatshirt

  • Beanie, bandana, hat, any hair protection is great - glue has to be cut out of hair if it gets in it.

  • Long hair should be up in a ponytail or clip

  • Sturdy closed toed shoes with rubber soles are best. No sandals, flip flops, or open toes

  • Thin wallet or hip pack. There is nowhere to store your bags and purses except in your car in the lot which is a shuttle ride away.

When You Arrive and During Your Shift

Please have only one person approach the check in table so that we can get everyone in efficiently. All of the Client's Volunteers are put to work FIRST and we do not know when they will be coming. They show up and leave on their own schedule.

  • Please arrive early for your shift. We recommend 30 minutes since you have to take a shuttle. Your lateness will cause your group to wait longer for assignments.

  • Safely stow your belongings in your cars. There is no room for storage in the building.

  • You must check in AND out. If you are working two shifts in one day, please check in and out for both shifts. If you do not check out for your shift you will forfeit any donation for that shift.

  • There is no "Dream Job." Please be prepared to be assigned where we need you most. If you are reassigned in the middle of a job it is not to be taken personally. We will move you where we can best use your set of skills and sometimes that may be taking you from one job and assigning you to another. Please understand the end product is what we are focused on, not individual jobs.

  • Please do not leave early for meal breaks, the supervisors will tell you when it is time to leave. Do not leave any area without cleaning up. Failure to clean up after yourself, including accidental glue spills, may result in no longer being permitted to volunteer.

  • Any lost and found should be turned in to the Volunteer Coordinators. We will attempt to return these items to you providing there is a name and some group ID (troop number or group name) on them. All unclaimed items will be discarded after December 31st. **We are not responsible for lost items or theft.**

  • If you are asked back "at any time" by a Supervisor, that Supervisor must give you a pass to return. Otherwise, you are welcome to come back to a Volunteer shift and may be assigned where we need you at that moment. Either way, you will still use the registration form so we are ready for your arrival.

  • You are not guaranteed to be assigned to one float, or even a float at all. We have many jobs, and all need to be done. Sometimes the only place we need help is in the most important job of them all, flower prep.

  • NO FOOD OR DRINKS are allowed in the building. You may have a sealed water bottle inside only. No alcohol is allowed anywhere on the premises. Smoking including vaping must occur outside of the building. Anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be escorted out and not permitted to return again, ever. This includes the use of prescription medication that alters your mental state. For safety reasons, you are required to be clearheaded for this task. Where appropriate, action may be taken by law enforcement.

  • No one is to sit, stand, climb on, jump on, or play on the floats or scaffolding. Only get on scaffolding or floats if instructed to do so by the Supervisor for that float.

  • You may have to wait for extended periods of time with nothing to do. Group leaders should prepare their groups for this possibility. You will be assigned where you are needed and it may take time for the Supervisors to assess the needs for the shift and hand out assignments. This is an opportunity to teach younger volunteers patience and resourcefulness.

  • Keep your work area clean. If you spill, clean it up immediately. No one will be upset with you if you have an accidental spill if you take action to clean up the mess. You will not be assigned a new job until you have cleaned up the previous one.

  • Please keep the Port-A-Potty area clean, if you drop papers on the ground, PICK THEM UP. If you see a problem, report it to the Volunteer Coordinators.

  • For "On The Line" (OTL) Shifts: parents must understand that this is NOT a scouting activity or high school activity. These shifts are reserved for those who earn them, if you are interested in an OTL shift, please let the Volunteer Coordinators know. This is an outdoor public space on New Years Eve and the volunteers will likely be exposed to people drinking and smoking out in public.

  • Sometimes shifts end early if there are no tasks that can be done to fit on the timeline we need to follow. Flowers die if they are put on too soon, be adaptable to ending early. You can ask to extend your shift to the next one as well and we are happy to help you continue your volunteer time.

Scaffolding Basics

  • Don't play on the Scaffolding, it's dangerous!

  • Don't shake the scaffolding, that's worse!

  • Don't use the scaffolding unless you are instructed to.

  • Lower scaffolding areas are not storage for your personal belongings.

  • Don't overload the scaffolding, only the number of people the Supervisor instructs to go up should go on the scaffold.


  • No electronics of any kind may be on scaffolding.

  • All materials you take up with you should come down with you. Scissors should be inside of your shirt when you climb up or down. Scissors should never be on the scaffolding, only around your neck or in your hand. Only take scissors up with you if you will be using them.

  • Watch your feet as they dangle from the scaffolding. Watch your floral droppings and be aware of what is beneath you.

  • Be very very careful not to drop anything onto the float or people below you.

  • If you feel unsteady, uncomfortable, or unsure of your surroundings, do not stay on the scaffolding. We will help you get a job that you will be comfortable with.

Do's and Don'ts

Please DO:

  • Ask questions, better to ask and do it right than to assume or guess and make a mistake

  • Do the task you are assigned to do.

  • Keep the work area around the float clean.

  • Keep track of supplies, scissors, and glue.

  • Watch where you are going-do not look around when walking-look ahead and above to be safe.

  • Use the right materials, do not guess, confirm with the Supervisor before starting.

  • Wear your credentials at all times.

  • Take materials back to the appropriate place when you are done with a job.

  • You are not done until your area is cleaned and the Supervisor dismisses you.


Please DON'T:

  • Refuse a job, unless you are uncomfortable on the scaffolding or are allergic to the material. Every job is important. Every job needs to be done.

  • Fool around.

  • Waste materials in any way. Floral materials are very costly and we ask you not to return if you are intentionally wasteful.

  • Leave glue pots around the float.

  • Leave brushes out anywhere. If it is not in/on the glue pot, it is in your hand. Those are the only choices you have.

  • Climb or step on the float until you are told to do so.

  • Bring look-i-loos who are not there to work.

  • Touch any mechanics, enter any float doors, or poke holes anywhere on the float.

  • DO NOT assign yourself a job or change your job without clearing it with your Supervisor.

  • Complain loudly. If you are unhappy with your task, please calmly communicate it with your Supervisor or Volunteer Coordinators. If there is a job to move you to we will do our best to do it. You may have to wait an extended period of time to be moved.