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Volunteer Coordinators:

Julie Miller

Gloria Halfacre


The 2024 Decorator Shop is Open!

Welcome Volunteers! 

Are You Ready To Have Some Fun?

Rose Parade Float Decorating is a time-honored tradition. This site is developed to help you get acquainted with your role in creating these floating artistic masterpieces. There is a lot of information, we ask that you please read it carefully.

Visit the "What I Need To Know" and "FAQ" Pages for Details on what to expect, where to go, what to bring, and more.

What We Do

Our Coordinators are Leaders from the Girl Scout Community and we help to organize 14 days of decorating with over 8,000 Volunteers from High Schools, over 500+ Scout Troops, Crafters and Creative People! Each day we see two shifts of Volunteers with over 350 people per shift.

The process of creating these pieces of art has taken decades to fine tune. As Volunteers we come together with our community Girl Scouts, under the direction of the staff of Fiesta Parade Floats, and as such, we adhere to their policies and procedures.

This is a VERY time-consuming volunteer job. We need your cooperation to make it run smoothly so as to ensure everyone has a good time while getting the job done!! The process is a HUGE, methodical, undertaking so we ask you for your most tolerant consideration! Thank you kindly.



If you have never completed a Dry Decoration Day before (1 whole day or 2 half days), we strongly recommend that you do not register for a Floral Decoration Day until you have completed these shifts.

Age Requirements for Volunteers are set by Cal/OSHA, Fiesta Parade Floats, and Girl Scouts, and are STRICTLY enforced. Your Group Leader is responsible for obtaining confirmation on the ages of everyone they bring to the building. The following restrictions will be applied to Volunteers:

Dry Decoration Days (Before Christmas) – Volunteers must be at least Ten (10) years of age at the time of volunteering.

Floral Decoration Days (After Christmas) – Volunteers must be at least Twelve (12) years of age at the time of volunteering. 

Younger “tag-alongs” brought by Volunteers, including infants, are not permitted in the building, please leave younger children at home. This is non-negotiable and is implemented for safety reasons. If you bring younger children with you, they will be asked to leave.

*Please take note, Float Sponsors and Fiesta employees have had younger family members in the building in the past. Please do not ask them to leave, we will take care of it.