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Sara frá Króki

Sara frá Króki 
Born 1998 Mare
Flaxen chestnut with star

Sire: IS1990186565 - Asi frá Kálfholti (8.23)
SS: IS1977157350 - Feykir frá Hafsteinsstöðum (8.04)
SD: IS1976286560 - Stjarna frá Kálfholti

Dam: IS19AB286887 - Nn frá Köldukinn

Sara is one of our beloved mares. She is gorgeous with an abundance of mane and tail and four strong gaits. Her balanced tolt and forward energy make her fun for an experienced rider or a kid. She received 7.67 in her four year old evaluation. She competed for many years as well as being an excellent lesson horse. She is now an incredible broodmare giving us spectacular foals.