“A diagnosis of two chronic conditions which benefit from exercise sent me to Nicole. Since osteoporosis benefits from weight bearing exercise and osteoarthritis requires non-weight bearing exercise, I knew I needed a specialist to design my program. Nicole has filled the bill with a flexible program that leaves my muscles knowing that I've worked out but not feeling any pain. She modifies my sessions to accommodate low flexibility and low energy days.”

Suzanne E.

"I started working with Nicole several months before I became pregnant and was able to increase my physical strength and cardio endurance to peak levels by the time I became pregnant. She then helped me stay active through all three trimesters with tailored workout plans and adjustments to exercises. She did more than simply reduce the reps or weight, but crafted workouts for each phase of my pregnancy that took into account things like loosened ligaments, changes in balance, and avoiding exercises on my back after the first trimester. I can’t say it was entirely due to Nicole, but I had a 4 hour start-to-finish natural labor and pushed my son out in 20 minutes. In fact when my son was just about to be born, I needed to slow my pushing down to ease him out slowly because my abdominal strength made my pushes so productive!”

Tamra T.

"I have been working out with Nicole three times a week for over a year. I am now two clothing sizes smaller, significantly increased my bone density/strength and rarely need to see a chiropractor."

Pam M.

“Although I have had a Personal Trainer for the last 13 years, I’ve never had a trainer who listens to me like Nicole. She is aware of the person, their needs, and her training style is never boring. I have enjoyed working with her for the past 6 years and hope to continue for a lot longer.”

Joan F.

"Nicole was recommended to me by a friend who noticed that my posture was very much out of line. She convinced me that my regular gym and running activities would only continue to increase the damage. I had used personal trainers before, but with only limited improvements and was a little skeptical of how much Nicole could help my posture. However, I decided one visit couldn't hurt too much. I was both surprised and immediately appreciative at the end of the first session. Since then, my posture has improved immensely and my body has improved muscle strength and tone. Nicole is the best personal trainer service I've ever worked with and I recommend her whole-heartedly."

Don B.