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Your First Time Should Be Special

An Introductory Theatre-Style LARP

live combat. NO rock/paper/scissors. NO audience.

   Just honest-to-goodness role playing.

Has the titillating thrill of being stung by foam-wrapped PVC lost its luster? When you handle your dice, do you feel something is missing? Has your passion for card games gone limp? Perhaps desire for a new gaming experience haunts your thoughts. Something exciting. Something intriguing. Maybe you have considered experimenting with... theatre-style larp? Don't worry, it's safe, it's legal, and what happens in larp stays in larp.

We'll satisfy your curiosity with a quiet, intimate affair to remember….

Join us for an enjoyable introduction to plot-driven larps (sometimes also called parlor larps or chamber larps), from the people that brought you the Introduction to LARPing morning seminar in past years.

To get the most out of this science fiction-themed event, you’ll play in a small group of 6-12 characters. And because we're not teases, here is the list of characters.

Character List 

Note: Characters are not gender-specific. Any player may choose any character.

Ragna the Red: Fearsome 10th-century Viking warrior known for unbridled courage and great athletic feats. Earned the title “the Red” after rushing headlong into a fight drenched in the blood of enemies... and drunk on red wine.

The Consulting Detective: Hails from 20th-century England, as do all of the greatest detectives. Known to friends and colleagues as Comberbach, the detective has the uncanny ability to find clues that others cannot perceive.

Space Captain Hannigan: As a famous 24th-century starship commander, Space Captain Hannigan has been across this galaxy and back in less than 12 parsecs. It’s possible that Hannigan might not know the definition of the word parsec….

Princess/Prince Vibrant: Brave knight of the First Crusade (11th century). A model of chivalry and nobility. Defender of peasants, herald of kings, deliverer of swift justice... and annoyingly chaste.

“Six-Gun Sam” Serrano: Genuine cowpoke and shootist from 19th-century America. Star of several Wild West shows and subject of scores of dime novels, Serrano is said to have the eyes of a hawk, the cunning of a coyote, and the speed of a rattler.

Thracian Maximus: Rugged gladiator of the Roman coliseum and leader of a slave revolt against the Empire in the 1st century B.C.E. Despite repeated blows to the head, Maximus retains a keen tactical mind and sharp wit.

Not-So-Dead-Ned: Wily 17th-century pirate from the Caribbean who often faced the hangman’s noose and was widely assumed to be dead. In response to these rumors, Ned always said it was “not so.”

Major Thomas: World War II flying ace and, later, test pilot and astronaut. Managed several miraculous landings with craft deemed barely able to fly (in fact, most were thought totally unfit even for crashing)….

Amadeus the Amazing: Legendary European performer from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. At first, Amadeus’ act focused on a variety of circus stunts and trapeze work, but later, magic and escapes served to crown an amazing career.

Star Tyrant Singh: Merciless 23rd-century ruler of an early Earth Empire. The Star Tyrant is unfairly credited with multiple genocides and relentless persecutions of opposition groups. There was, in fact, only one genocide….

Doctor Siegfried: 19th-century European pioneer in the fields of medicine and psychology. Considered the parent of mental health treatment, Siegfried led a very popular movement to stop using leeches on private parts.

The Black Lotus: Cunning ninja from the island nation of Japan. The Lotus’ history is not formally recorded. It is uncertain exactly when shinobi (ninjas) first arose, but it was sometime between the 14th and 17th centuries... probably.

The Professor (GM Character--not available for players): A wandering time traveler from something called the Vadim Continuum. All of these characters traveled with the Professor at one time or another, aiding the fight to protect time and space.