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In High Gear

1871. With England finally cast out of the colonies, the recently-formed American Consolidated Union struggles to hold ground against a sea of enemies to the West. Banking on technological superiority, the Union has dispatched its first air dreadnaught, the ACU Constitution, to deliver troops, supplies, and officials to the isolated frontier outpost of Fort Dearborn, first line of defense on the edge of the Disputed Territories. Soaring high above dangerous country, the crew and passengers feel completely safe, with professional soldiers and the power of their automatons to protect them. Even so, one misplaced wrench can lead to unexpected results in the turning cogs of destiny…

This LARP event is based on “Steamscapes: North America,” the new Savage Worlds steampunk setting by Four-in-Hand Games. As a special bonus, a new Savage secret about Steamscapes will be revealed!

Steam age attire encouraged.

Sound effects by Toxic Bag Productions, the original provider of sound effects for roleplaying games.
Includes a special audio appearance by talented voice actor Alan Vuchichevich.

Reserve a Character in Advance

Here is the cast list for In High Gear.

Origins or GenCon attendees:    If you would like to reserve a particular character, email us your top 3 choices at
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Crew, ACU Constitution

Air Commander Devereaux, First Officer of the Constitution, is reputed to be an exemplary officer, though untested in combat.
Air Lieutenant Norcross, Chief Engineer, was schooled (in England and Germany) in all of the latest technological advances.
Air Lieutenant Byrum, Chief Medical Officer, has seen many bloody conflicts, starting with the Civil War, and most recently, on the frontier.
Air Lieutenant Mandeville is pilot of the ship's scout craft, a small airship that can be launched and recovered in-flight from the Constitution’s hangar bay.
Air Lieutenant Whitmore, Ship's Quartermaster, is in charge of supplies and ammunition. It is a very daunting position on a ship as large and advanced as the Constitution.
Gunnery VI (also known as "Arty") is an automaton that works in the ship's main turrets. It's main function is to ensure precision targeting of the cannons.
Cargo IV (also known as "Loader") is an automaton that handles cargo, luggage, and supplies. It's main function is as a laborer. Loader is a very strong machine, but simple in personality.
Assault IX (also known as "Scrapper") is an automaton designed to lead combat boarding actions, allowing human troops to follow safely behind. It is an imposing machine, well-armored and well-armed.
Mechanic III (also known as "Turbine") is an automaton that maintains and repairs the ship's engines. It is considered one of the most advanced of its kind.
Helm II (also known as "Sextant") is an automaton that works on the bridge, mainly operating the wheel and aiding in navigation. It is said that this type of machine has memorized the night sky.
Hull Walker VIII (also known as "Clank") is an automaton designed with magnetic feet to walk safely along the outer hull while in flight. This model excels at conducting structural repairs and removing debris, including such things as unexploded ordinance.
Cabin V (also known as "Butler") is an automaton that acts primarily as a servant and assistant. This model is similar to the civilian Valet automatons used by wealthier passengers.

Passengers and VIPs

Hughes is a merchant and partner at Anton & Hughes Shipping, an old firm that has recently adapted to modern times by employing a handful of airships.
Knowlton is Chairman of the Air Merchant's Guild, which desires to organize civilian air captains under one umbrella.
Payne is an ACU diplomat bound for Fort Dearborn on a mission to improve relations with the various hostile tribes near the border.
O'Morda is an agent of the Northern Huron Rail Company, a firm that is very nervous about the expansion of air transport in the ACU.
Sonesson is an industrialist and senior partner at Bath Shipbuilders, the company that built the ACU Constitution.
Throckmorton is a scientist who recently became famous for discoveries that led to the design of the improved propulsion systems of the Constitution as well as several other craft that are nearing completion.