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Gates of Delirium

delirium (di-LIR-i-um) n. 1: extreme mental disturbance, usually accompanied by hallucinations 2: The price of seeing the world the way it actually is…

These days, most sanatoriums routinely place mentally-disturbed patients back on the streets. It’s all part of the new medical thinking. Haverghast Asylum is unique in its reliance upon “traditional” treatments, and is proud of the fact that nobody leaves Haverghast without being cured. It should come as no surprise, then, that in more than a century, no patient has ever been discharged from Haverghast. Sometimes the old methods really are the best…

Come play FYI’s newest horror-themed LARP inspired by the chilling music of Midnight Syndicate. Beginners welcome!

Costuming Suggestions

Almost every character is a patient in a country asylum located north of London, England in the early 1950s (one character is a staff doctor). As such, we suggest choosing one of the following costumes:

  • 1950s casual daywear (accurate for England, if you wish to go that extra costuming mile)
  • Pajamas, comfortable slippers, and a bathrobe

As always, costumes are encouraged but not required.

Reserve a Character in Advance for GenCon

For this event, there is no cast list for selecting characters. Instead, if you have a ticket, please download the FYI Questionnaire form below by clicking on the arrow to the far right of the filename (do not click on the name of the file). Complete it and return it to us using the button on the form. We will send you a confirmation, and, based on your answers, will reserve a character for you.

Reserving a character in advance helps ensure you get a character that matches your preferences.

Figments of Your Imagination (FYI),
Aug 6, 2014, 8:03 PM