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Conspiracy of Ravens

1933. Romania. A carriage meets you at the docks. The driver barely utters a word. Villagers quickly disappear from view as you pass. A train whistles in the distance, and you hear the mournful howl of a wolf. Suddenly, all the comforts of civilization seem very far away. Your destination finally appears through the trees, and you look forward to resting by the fire after a long journey. But as you gaze at the ravens circling the castle's dark spires, you wonder if this will be the place of your undoing....

Enter the shadow-haunted world of Midnight Syndicate in this event inspired by their new album, a tribute to classic Universal and Hammer Horror films. Costumes encouraged but not required. We keep our player-to-GM ratio low, so you can concentrate on playing, not waiting. We specialize in helping new players discover this fun hobby.

Costuming Tips

Costuming is not mandatory, but it does help everyone get into character and sets the mood. Here are some pointers.

Costuming tips for men are easy. The event takes place after dinner in 1933, so formal wear is appropriate, if you have it. Since not everyone owns a tuxedo, it's fine to wear a suit or even a dress shirt, slacks and a tie (try a resale shop if it's not already in your closet). The only exception is the priest, Father Constantin, of course.

For women, it depends on the character. For Almara or Wilhemina Herrenhaus, try a search of "1930s formal wear women" or "1930s daywear women" in Google images for some ideas. At a minimum, definitely a dress or a skirt and top (women do not start wearing pants until the 1940s). They are wealthy, so good costume jewelry, such as pearls or fake diamonds, or an accessory such as a fake fur stole, are appropriate (resale shops can be a good source). The others are more self-explanatory: Sister Serafina (nun's habit), Vadoma and Florica Lovarya (gypsies), and the chambermaid and housekeeper (think Downton Abbey-style servants—black or gray dress, or skirt and top, with an apron).
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