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November 2018: Nothing happened, something happened: silence in a makerspace, DOI in Management Learning (in coll with Jeremy Aroles)

April 2018: Interview for the French national TV channel France 3 about new work practices & slashers

November 2017: just out in the Revista de Aministraçao de Empresas (RAE)!

Pozzebon, M., Diniz, E., Mitev, N., de Vaujany, FX., Leca, B. and Pina e Cunha, M. (2017). Joining the Sociomaterial Debate, Revista de Administração de Empresas, Vol 57, Iss 5.

October 2017: accepted in ISR!

de Vaujany, FX., Fomin, W., Haefliger, W. & Lyytinen, K. (2018). Rules, Practices and Information Technology (IT): A Trifecta of Organizational Regulation, Information Systems Research, forthcoming. 

September 2017: our paper in C&O is in print!

de Vaujany, FX. & Mitev, N. (2017). "The post-Macy paradox, information management and organizing: good intentions and road to hell?", Culture & Organization, Vol 23, Iss 5, pp. 379-407

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September 2017:
Launch of "Enquête FNEGE 2018" about new work practices in France, study coordinated with Pierre-Yves Gomez (EMLyon)

August 2017:first description of OWEE!
Description of the Open Walked Event-based Experimentations (OWEE) approach. How to put academia back at the heart of the city? How to renew our own work practices?

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June 2017: the CFP of our Special Issue is on line!
Guest editor of a Special Issue of Organization Studies with Aurélie Leclercq-Vandelanoitte, Iain Munro, Yesh Nama & Robin Holt "Organizational Control and surveillance of new work practices". Deadline: June, 29th 2018

June 2017:
Invited research seminar at the university of Turku (Finland) about "Understanding and questioning new work practices: from marxist materialism to Merleau-Ponty"

Februrary 2017:
Laniray, P., de Vaujany, FX. & Vitaud, L.  (2017). Employees versus entrepreneurs: have the two categories become irrelevant?,  LSE Business Review, March 2017.
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October 2016:

de Vaujany, FX., Bohas, J., Fabbri, J. & Laniray, P. (2016). Nouvelles pratiques de travail : la fin du clivage salariat-entrepreneuriat ?, Note de recherche RGCS, Octobre 2016.

April 2016:

e Vaujany, FX. (2016). Les communautés collaboratives dans la cité : de politiques pour à des politiques par les tiers lieux ? Livre blanc RGCS, version Alpha [French-speaking version].

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April 2016:

de Vaujany, FX. & Vaast, E. (2016). Matters of visuality in legitimation practices: dual iconographies in a meeting room, Organization,
Vol. 23(5) 763–790.

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