Committee Chairs

Dear Fairlands PTA Committee Leader:

On behalf of the students, staff, families and PTA, we thank you SO much for volunteering your time and talent. The “extras” that make Fairlands such a great and special community cannot happen without you! We know how busy you are raising your children, and we truly appreciate you stepping up to chair programs and events that will benefit ALL the kids at our school.

Below is an overview of your resources...

Committee Chair Responsibilities

    • Every Committee is assigned to a VP (see form below).
    • Keep them in the loop and make them your first contact for help.
    • Check the supplies storage area in the attic before making new purchases.
    • If your event will produce waste, coordinate with the Green Team to reduce your footprint

Treasurer (money out)

    • Budget for your event
    • Cash advance form (see below)
    • Reimbursement - pink forms on top of the PTA Mailboxes
    • Reconciliation of cash/checks received
    • PTA Cash Receipt Form (see below)


    • Managing the Fairlands Flyer and other important email communications to parents, PTA members, and volunteers.


    • General communication to Fairlands staff, PTA, parents and community with email administration, social media, Future Fund, the Student Directory, and PTA website.

Volunteers and Health Services

    • List of volunteers specifically for the event or help where needed
    • Ask everyone that offers to help, do not exclude
    • Sign-Up Genius

School Secretary

    • Calendar
    • Money / Orders in the front office baskets
    • Notes to Rob (janitor) for table/chair set-up, etc.
    • Facilities Use form (located in the front office)
    • Friday Folders - All communication that will be going home needs approval from the Principal and PTA President
    • Copies can be made through the District Graphics or Alpha Omega.

Financial Secretary (money in)