Welcome to the website for the
European Workshop on Political Macroeconomics (EWPM)

The goal of the European Workshop on Political Macroeconomics (EWPM) is to bring together economists with a strong interest in political economy and macroeconomics. The workshop is meant to provide an opportunity to present one’s own work, but also – and more importantly – to create a productive atmosphere to discuss potential joint projects. It takes place on an annual basis and wanders from one European location to another.

The format for the academic programme of the EWPM consists of several non-parallel sessions with invited paper presentations that may be open to an audience or closed within the circle of the speakers, followed by a closed session for brief collaborative exchanges and consultations among the speakers. The EWPM may also include a topical panel and/or a special talk. The precise format may differ from one year to another.

This website serves as a repository for the EWPM. The links in the left-hand side column take you to the respective annual edition, with its highlights: programme, papers, participants.

Etienne Farvaque (Université de Lille)

Philipp Harms (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)

Alexander Mihailov (University of Reading)

EWPM co-founders and co-organisers