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Objectives :

As the name indicates, the IT group takes the part of using information technology for the different activities of EuMAS Alumni Association.

There are many activities that were accomplished, that include:

  • 1. Website Development and maintenance.
  • 2. Writing online articles in key websites like The EuMAS article in the French version of Wikipedia Encyclopedia and the Erasmus Mundus article in the English Wiki version, and the sub-article 'ERASMUS and ERASMUS MUNDUS'  in the Erasmus Program article. These articles can be accessed at:

   (The Wiki Erasmus Mundus article)

  (The subarticle note on EuMAS in the

           Erasmus Porgram)

  (EuMAS article in French)

  • 3.   Taking Photos, editing and distribution during events.

EuMAS 2005- 2007 Members:

Vladimir Kulaev        

Camilo Silva Garzon   

Khalid Tantawi