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Organization Working Group

Munich 03/03/2007

1. Structure

·       President

·       Vice President

·       Secretary

·       Treasury

·       Liaison group

·       Working groups: organization, promotions, events, IT support, others (to be decided in the future, ex. External affairs)

Remark: other alumni association structures will be studied.

2. Legal Status

·       The alumni association will be registered in one of the participating countries as a legal association under international standards.

·       The launching committee will consult with ECALAS and EMA about the legal issues.

3. Membership

·       Alumni Member: Alumni Members are the graduates of the EUMAS course who has signed up to become members of the alumni association.     

·       Student Member: Once students are admitted to the EUMAS course, an invitation will be sent to each student to join the alumni association.

Remark: the Membership is optional.

4. Rules and Regulations

·       President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasury: the positions of the president, the vice president, the secretary, and the treasury will be newly elected every year. In order to guarantee transparency a member is not allowed to hold the same position for consecutive 2 years. Each of the previously mentioned positions is preferred to be hold by members from different generations, different countries, and different options (aeronautics/space technology). These positions can only be hold by Alumni Members. However students will be eligible in case there are no alumni.

·       Liaison and working groups: each alumni and student member has the right to take part in any of the working groups and be part of the liaison group.

·       Contact Details: contact details of each member will be available to other members. Each member should make a decision whether his/her contact detail may be made public or not. 

5. Budget and Funding

·       For the launching phase and the first three years of the alumni association, there will be a small amount of fund guaranteed by the EUMAS consortium.

·       Other means of funding will be also considered (eg. ESA, EC, Membership Fees, etc). Remark: Whether the membership fees (both from alumni members and student members) are charged will be decided by the committee in the future

6. External Relations

·       Advisory Committee whose members come from universities (eg. EUMAS consortium), industries, and others

·       A relationship with EMA , ECALAS, and other organization should be set up in the common professional background


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