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The events team will be responsible for organizing events with the goal of promoting integration between different generations of EuMAS students, helping to create awareness for the course and creating a group culture.

The events will be organized periodically, and they will be of different natures. Due to the fact that the ex-alumni will be scattered around Europe and all over the world, events will have to be very appealing in order to motivate attendance.

 The events fall into two categories, internal and external:

Internal Events:

Internal events will be the ones involving only or mainly the participants of EuMAS. The goal of these events will be mainly to create an occasion for EuMAS students and graduates to meet and network while at the same time doing something which is professionally enriching and enjoyable.


We envision to organize workshops, short courses and technical lectures.

A few years after the creation of the Alumni association, a number of EuMAS graduates will be working in prestigious companies around the world, having acquired some expertise in certain domains. We would then encourage and arrange that these graduates come meet the new generation EuMAS students at their current universities and deliver a technical lecture on their domain of expertise. This would also be an occasion for creating links and for sharing experience on the working life and job searching.

Some short courses may also be directed to ex-alumni. Topics may range from management to relevant aerospace issues. The location of these events will be chosen so as to allow the maximum attendance by EuMAS graduates. The events group may contact universities of the EuMAS consortium in order to hold these short courses at the university facilities.

-Class Reunions

-Technical Visits

 We intend to arrange technical visits at companies where EuMAS graduates will be working.


External Events:

External Events will be organzed with the goal of creating awareness about EuMAS.

We will encourage and arrange for EuMAS graduates to visit different universities and deliver a presentation about the course. This is to be done in the previous universities of the EuMAS graduates in their home countries or at selected universities in  Europe.

We may also organize for a delegation of EuMAS students to go to technical conferences and present their research work.



EuMAS 2005-2007 members:

Stephne du Rand     

Jorge Hinojosa         

Tuan Ahn Nguyen   

Pedro K. Paim          

Ekaterina Rezugina 

EuMAS 2006-2008 members:

Chiew Soon Hooi     

Wang Jian (Jerry)    

Seok Wye Kay           

Sharmila Kayastha   

Hew Pei Lai              

Tran Quan Tue Nguyen

Sudesh Ranasinghe 

Nurhayati Rosly       

Upcoming Events: 

- Air shows, conferences...

- November 11- 15th 2007:  Dubai Air Show: Dubai- UAE

Paris Air Show 18- 24 June 2007:  (Salon International de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace, Paris-Le Bourget)  at Le Bourget airport near Paris, France

Aircraft presented for the first time at the Paris Airshow