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Draft: Goal of the EuMAS Alumni Association

Launch Phase:

Goal: To create a network between current EuMAS students to aid them in their future professional careers.

By means of:

Four working groups to establish the foundation of the association, namely:

(i)                 Organization

(ii)               Promotions

(iii)              Events

(iv)             IT Support


The Alumni Association:

Goal: To cultivate a network between the members of EuMAS Alumni Association to aid them in their professional careers.

By means of:

1.      Benefiting from our international backgrounds and our industry specialisation to create a global network: to share our knowledge on activities, advancements, openings, etc within the aerospace world.

2.      Interaction with universities, industry, institutions, and other alumni associations involved in the aerospace field.

3.      Increasing worldwide knowledge and recognition of EuMAS, and

4.      Using the EuMAS Alumni Association as a common identity for the coordination of activities to improve our professional capabilities.