MyID3 reads & writes music file metadata in the ID3 format in pure-java libarary, written by Charles Matthew Chen.

Binary: MyID3_for_Android.jar (Eclipse 3.4.0 complied at compiling level 1.5)
Source: (Use right click to save) (Eclipse 3.4.0 project information included)

You also need Jakarta Regexp library to run your application. Sharedlib is NOT needed.

Since Android uses diffrent JRE with Sun's, MyID3 library can't be directly used in Android.
I extract relative code files in sharedlib into MyID3 package, and remove all debug executions because it uses java.awt.* (Android supports no java.awt package except by java.awt.font).
I don't really understand what NameRectifier does, but it costs like 10 seconds for parsing one file on my machine, I simply cut it off. Basic informations like artist or song title looks working normally, but I don't know what problems will appear.
UI examples are deleted.
Also, default encoding is changed to UTF-8. This sucks on my local songs, but ANSI just sucks more. Maybe I'll try to write some encoding detecting or transferring tools.

For how to use MyID3, please visit the author's page. I use version 0.82.
Oct 8, 2008, 4:11 AM
Oct 8, 2008, 4:10 AM