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 Q: What's new?
 A: Please check the change note.

 Q: I'm using Samsung Galaxy S3...
A: Samsung Galaxy SIII (or S3) users may encounter album art, audiobooks, and playQ problems if you use old external sdcard. 
    Please try to copy everything from sdcard to phone's internal memory.
    Samsung has some special routine on the external SD card, I'm asking them and waiting for an answer. Not sure if this could be solved, though.

 Q: My auth key does not work on my new tablet / I can't find the preference to enter auth key!
A: Sorry but due to technical issues, WiFi only tablets can't use auth key from PayPal. The Verifier app from Android Market will work.

 Q: I can't edit playlists!
A: Playlist editing depends on your phone. You can do that by your phone's default Music application.

Q: I can't remove an item from a PlayQ!
A: Edit PlayQ -> long tap on the item will do the work.

 Q: I can't find the widgets!
A: Put Meridian back to your phone and reboot. That's why I didn't want to make Meridian installable to SD, but I'm tired to explain this to every mail.

 Q: I have all files duplicated in lists!
A: Go Android's settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> ALL tab -> Media Storage, and clear data. Then do a SD card rescan will make things back to normal.

 Q: My flac files can't play through bluetooth headsets!
A: Lossless files can't be played through bluetooth headsets. Please contact Andless' author for it.
 Q: How about video formats & converting?
A: Please check http://sites.google.com/site/eternalsandbox/Home/meridian-video-player/tutorial

Q: What gestures do we have?
A: Please check it in MENU -> Preference -> Video / Music -> Gesture Settings

Q: Meridian robs headset buttons / Meridian auto launches with bluetooth headsets...
A: You can disable "Headset Buttons" in the Meridian's preference page to prevent this.

Q: Can this play web videos?
A: You can't play it directly. You need to download the video to your phone. Try Steel.

Q: This crap does not play any of my video!
A: You need to convert your videos into mp4.

Q: So where is the converter?

Q: How to use this what, Super (c)?
A: http://sites.google.com/site/eternalsandbox/Home/meridian-video-player/tutorial

Q: I don't want to convert. Just support WMV9/AVI/MPEG/RM blah blah
A: By now it's impossible. We don't have such privilege.

Q: Can I use subtitles?
A: Yes. Please use .srt subtitle files, name it as same as the video file except the extension. Meridian will load it automatically.

Q: This is really SLOW!
A: Try to enable "Rapid Browser" and "Rapid Video List" option in the MENU -> Preference page.

Q: It says Playable but actually not / vice versa
A: The playability information is just a reference. It's correct at most part, but not 100%.

Q: My movie played well, but now it only says "This movie cannot be played"
A: Reboot your phone. The underlying codec has its issues.

Q: How about the headset button tricks?

Single press: Play/pause
Quick double press: Next
Press, then press second time after like half second: Previous

Q: Can I use a file for cover image?
A: 1. Name it "AlbumArt.jpg" (case sensitive) and put it in the same directory of coressponding music files, or 2. Name it <Albumname>.jpg (case sensitive, like "Tomorrow.jpg") and put it in /sdcard/AlbumArt folder.

Q: What's the intent to call Meridian up?
A: Just simply use Intent.ACTION_VIEW. Don't forget to set data type first.

Q: Data mining? You're stealing my private information huh?
A: No. Meridian only collects data for developing. For more information please read the announcement.

Q: I have more questions!
A: Welcome to our discussion group: http://groups.google.com/group/meridian_android