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Video Tutorial

G1 by now doesn't let as port codec library onto it, so please don't ask us for more codec support or a flash player. (Adobe says they'll publish flash player 10 for mobile on 2009)
Supported Codec:
    H.263/MPEG4 Part-2
    WMV/8 (9 is not playable)
    AAC/mp4a/AMR/mp3/wave/wma8 audio
Supported File Container:

OK, so we need a tool to convert our videos to something can be played on G1. Fortunately, we have a free software to do this.
Turn on your PC and go to http://www.afterdawn.com/software/video_software/video_encoders/super.cfm for the latest "SUPER" software.
Launch it, select mp4 - H.264/AVC - AAC LC for output file.
In Video Scale Size, make sure don't pick anything greater than 480x320. G1 can't play high resolution videos. (Larger than 480x352 crashes here)
It seems to you can set any Frame/Sec, I suggest 25.
Bitrate (kbps) can be free for H.264 files, so set anything you want. For me, 864 is fine.
By default the H.264 profile is base-line without b-frame, so we don't need to (and must not) change those settings.
For Audio, I use 44100Hz/2 Channels/96 kbps.
Right click anywhere on SUPER will give you a menu, you can change the output folder here.
Drag the file you want to convert and drop it down to SUPER, click Encode (Active Files), and wait.
Make a folder called "Video" on your SDCard, copy the file into it, then you can watch it on your G1!

If you're not sure whether your files can be played or not, disable "Rapid Browser" in Preferences tab will give you additional information and a playability guessing. By default Rapid Browser is off (so you can see guessing), but if the player detects you have to many videos in the Video folder (which will make browser take long time to load), Rapid Browser will be turn on automatically. If you want to use this feature, try to separate files into different folders.

Because G1 is really hard to press a small button, I instead provide a gesture controll interface:
In the playback screen, you can draw lines with your finger to control player in the video playing screen.
For example, an "Down-Right" means writing a "L", and "Left" is just a slash from anywhere right to left.

    Single Tap or UP: Pause or resume the video.
    Drag Left/Right: Accurate seeking. Drag to right or left then release to seek your video.
    Down: Show or hide the seeking bar. If you want to jump far use this.
    Up-Left: Back to the beginning of video.
    Down-Right: Stop playing and back to main screen.
    Up-Down: Set mute on or off.
    Up-Right-Up: Set as Potrait mode
            -Down: Set as Landscape mode

Also, put your phone face-down on a table will make it paused.

Note: You can press Menu button at playback screen for playpause/stop/mute/delete commands.

Long clicking on the video file in browser brings you a menu to delete it.

Network streaming is available, too. Just click "Open URL" in the menu and input URL.
Again, only G1-decodable streamings are accepted.

At last, check the Preference tab. Maybe some features you want can be set there.