Meridian Player Classic


Gesture Control

No need of annoying buttons. Just slide your finger on the screen!

Auto Rotating

Sensor-based screen orientation, or you can fix it at whatever you like.


Auto resume to where you're watching, whatever how you momently leave the player.

RTSP Streaming

With the data link, you can access your IP cam anywhere as long as it provides the RTSP streaming using H.264.

More Functions

Mute, delete, and of course the basic playing and seeking.

Playability Guessing

Notice you if your file can not be played on G1.


At the Market on your G1, search "Meridian Video Player". It's in Application->Multimedia class.

Or you can get the apk file here.

Documents (Include how to convert video files)


Our Discussing Group is here

Change log

Ver 5.9 (2009/3/12 release)

Solve resuming force closing issues

Brightness adjustable

Ver 0.5.5 (2009/2/18 Release)

Callable from other apps

Flipping is disabled to prevent "Random Pausing"

Ver 0.5.4 (2009/1/19 Release)

Faster browser

Fixed some bugs

Ver 0.5.2 (2009/1/14 Release)

Browser auto-move to last played file

Force close bug fixed (If you still get force closed plz contact me)

8-times faster Browser

Long click manipulation (play and delete)

Ver 0.5.1 (2008/12/15 Release)

Auto-detect Rapid Browser at first time

Show all videos

Ver 0.5.0 (2008/12/10 Release) Click here for details

Enhanced resuming point

Preference settings

Improved Layout & Appearance

Sensor and customizable orientations

Rapid file browser

Flipping control

Ver 0.4.1 (2008/12/5 Release)


Playable not playable guessing display

New seeking gesture

Menu control panel

File delete menuitem

Better seekbar

Auto replace "#" to "#"

Ver 0.3.0

Gesture-controlling playback user interface

Play network streaming (Well, I don't know what stream can be played by far)

Resuming Video when you get a phone call or something while watching

Ver 0.2.0

New main control panel

Bigger buttons, Bigger list items

Playing placed to center

Simple ways to load video

Landscape view without sliding out keyboard