Erlend Grong's homepage

Welcome to my home page. I am currently an associate professor in Mathematics, working at the University of Bergen. You can find me at the Department of Mathematics on the forth floor of Nature Science Building, room 4A7f.


University of Bergen, Department of Mathematics,

P.O. Box 7803, 5020 Bergen, Norway

Research interests

My research is centered around sub-Riemannian geometry, and branches out in any direction linked to this subject. I began by studying problems related to geodesics and control theory. After my Ph.D., I have mostly been working on the relationship between sub-Riemannian geometry and second order operators that are not elliptic, but still hypoelliptic. On of the main tools to investigate this relationship has been to apply the geometry of stochastic differential equations. Another tool of increasing importance has been investigating holonomy groups defined only by loops tangent to a subbundle, which has powerful applications to sub-Riemannian metrics as well as Riemannian metrics on foliations.