Analysis and Geometry in Norway

A one-day workshop

Scandic Bergen City, October 30, 2020

The workshop

The workshop aims to connect researchers in Norway using geometric and analytic methods to work in geometric analysis, differential geometry, infinite dimensional geometry, stochastic analysis, rough paths and geometric numerical integration.

The workshop will be held in Bergen on October 30, 2020.

This workshop is supported by the Trond Mohn Foundation through the project "Pure Mathematics in Norway".


We will have the following list of speakers.

  • Stine Marie Berge (NTNU Trondheim).

  • Charles Curry (NTNU Gjøvik).

  • Nicolas Gilliers (NTNU Trondheim).

  • Torstein Nilssen (Univ. of Agder),

  • Alexander Schmeding (Univ. of Bergen),

  • Dennis The (Univ. of Tromsø),

For more details, see the program.


Please click here to register.

In this form you can list your plans for travel and if you want to bring an accompanying person. We do not expect or recommend that participants book their travel far ahead of the workshop date, however, you are able to edit your answer later, so please do not wait to register.

The deadline for registration for visiting participants is October 10, 2020.

The deadline for registration for local participants is October 20, 2020.

Location and hotel

Conference will be held in Scandic Bergen City. The room will be Museplass + strangehagen on the 3rd floor. Please follow the signposting to the meeting room. Traveling participants will also stay at this hotel.

Please consult separate page on travel.

Adaptations to the COVID-19 situation

In collaboration with Scandic Bergen City, we are following current guidelines regarding the situation related to the COVID-19 virus. For details, see the Scandic hotels' policies for safe meetings. (in Norwegian)

For guidelines from Bergen municipality enforced from Thursday October 29, they are found here in Norwegian. Unfortunately there is no full English translation yet, but here is a translation of some of the points made by the University of Bergen.


If there are any questions, please contact one of the organizers.

Erlend Grong (Bergen) Irina Markina (Bergen)