The Environmental Goup at TSE

The environmental group at TSE gathers researchers, professors, postdocs, and PhD students working on issues ranging from carbon pricing to animal welfare. We organize a variety of scientific activities during the year, including the weekly environmental slot (seminar & workshop, see below), a reading group, and a biennial Conference on the Economics of Energy and Climate. We also contribute to the TSE Energy & Climate Center.

Environmental Slot

The environmental slot is the moment dedicated to presenting and discussing external and internal research in environmental economics at TSE.

The slot takes place every Monday from 10am to 12:15pm, unless noted otherwise. The slot is organized as follows:

Organizers: Anouch Missirian & Mathias Reynaert

Assistant: Aline Couratier


Environmental group faculty members (primary affiliation):

Environmental group faculty, secondary affiliation (primary affiliation):



PhD students: