Monday 10 September 2018
Blake Shaffer
(Uni of Calgary)
Rational, lazy or confused? Evidence of misperception in consumer responsiveness to nonlinear prices
 Monday 17 September 2018Timo Goeschl
(Uni of Heidelberg)
Cold Case: The forensic economics of energy efficiency labels for domestic refrigeration appliances
 Monday 24 September 2018Renaud Coulomb
(Uni of Melbourne)
Environmental risk and the anchoring role of local amenities (with Yanos Zylberberg)
 Monday 1 October 2018Bruno Lanz
(Uni of Neuchâtel)
Pro-environmental behavior, positive self-signaling, and the design of informational interventions: Experimental evidence
 Monday 8 October 2018Christian Gollier (TSE)On the efficient growth rate of carbon price under a carbon budget
 Monday 15 October 2018
 Jointly organized with DEV group
Marshall Burke
(Stanford Uni)
Warming and welfare: global micro-evidence (with Sol Hsiang)
 Monday 22 October 2018Stefan Baumgärtner (Uni of Freiburg)Ecosystem resilience may provide economic insurance
 Monday 5 November 2018Sébastien Houde
(Uni of Maryland)
Heterogeneous (Mis-) Perceptions of Energy Costs: Implications for Measurement and Policy Design
 Monday 12 November 2018
Room change : MF323
Nick Hanley
(Uni of St Andrews)
Improving the design of payment for ecosystem service policies: spatial coordination and collective action
 Monday 26 November 2018Valentina Bosetti
(Bocconi Uni)
Geongineering in the Lab
(with Anna Lou Abatayo, Marco Casari, Riccardo Ghidoni, and Massimo Tavoni)
 Monday 3 December 2018Ingela Alger (TSE)Evolution of preferences in group-structured populations: genes, guns, and culture (with Laurent Lehmann and Jörgen W. Weibull)
 Thursday 13 December 2018
 14h in Room MS 003 
 jointly organized with IAST and FOOD group
Leonardo Trasande (New York Uni)Endocrine disrupting chemicals: A costly public health threat in urgent need for prevention
 Monday 25 February 2019
Rajesh Sundaresan (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
Feedback, social comparisons, and intervention strategies for reducing electricity consumption in the residential sector
 Monday 11 March 2019Bård Harstad (Univ of Oslo)Informing markets vs. regulators
 Thursday 21 March 2019
 11h-12h30 - MF323
 Jointly organized with DEV group
Michael Carter (UC Davis)Subsidies and the Green Revolution in Africa
 Monday 25 March 2019Ivana Logar (Eawag)Attribute ordering and attribute non-attendance in discrete choice experiments
 Monday 1 April 2019                   Salvatore di Falco (Geneva Uni)Farmers to entrepreneurs
 Monday 15 April 2019    
 Room change : MS001             
Julien Daubanes (Geneva Uni)More gas, less coal, and less CO2?
Unilateral CO2 reduction policy with more
than one carbon energy source
 Monday 6 May 2019Ujjayant Chakravorty (Tufts Univ)Inefficient water pricing and incentives for conservation
 Monday 13 May 2019                  Jacquelyn Pless (Oxford Uni) 
 Monday 20 May 2019

Ben Groom (LSE) 
 Monday 27 May 2019

Catarina Roseta Palma (ISCTE, Portugal)  
 Monday 3 June 2019                    Magali Delmas (UCLA) 
 Tuesday 11 June 2019
 11h-12h15 MS 003
John Quiggin (Uni of Queensland)Ambiguity and awareness: a coherent multiple priors model