professor of Economics @ IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca

director of the PhD program in Economics, Analytics and Decision Sciences @ IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca

director of the GAME Science Research Center

scientific coordinator of the Master Executive in Light Leadership and Innovation for Education

member of AXES, IMT

member of RECent, UNIMORE

contributor of the BEE group @ IMT

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TEACHING 2023-2024 

Current PhD students

Juanfran Blazquiz-Pulido (co-advised with C. Cueva)

Marco De Carlo

Ginevra Del Mastio

Pablo Marcos-Prieto

Bianca Sanesi

Lina Rinaldi

Ruggero Roni  (co-advised with G. Cevolani)

Niccolò Toccafondi  (co-advised with S. Di Guida)

Past PhD students (in graduation order)

Tatiana Celadin (co-advised with V. Capraro)

Roberto Di Paolo  (co-advised with G. Ponti)

Sedric Zucchiatti (co-advised with L. Boncinelli)

Roberto Rozzi (co-advised with P. Dindo)

Veronica Pizziol (co-advised with C. Nardi)

(left to right) Roberto R., Sedric, Pablo, me, Juanfran, Tatiana

Past Master students

Andrea Albertazzi (PhD, University of Essex)

Luca Ferrari (PhD, University of Siena)

Michele Garagnani (PhD, University of Zurich)

Riccardo Ghidoni (PhD, University of Bologna)

Francesco Maura (PhD, University of Padua)

Roberto Rozzi (PhD, Ca' Foscari University)

Federico Vaccari (PhD, University of Essex)