professor of Economics @ IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca

director of the PhD program in Economics, Analytics and Decision Sciences @ IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca

director of the GAME Science Research Center

member of AXES, IMT

member of RECent, UNIMORE

contributor of the BEE group @ IMT

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  • Spin.Ge.Vac.S. - BST2020 Nudging for Health Decisions

  • PRO.CO.P.E. - PAI2019 Prosociality, Cognition and Peer Effects

  • CO.S.MO.PRO.BE. - PRIN2017 Cognition, Social Motives and Prosocial Behavior

  • BLUTUBE A Game for Social Change on water saving

  • S.O.C.R.A.T.E.S. - PRIN2013 Economics of Dual Process Theory

  • Strategic Quotient [eng] / Quoziente Strategico [ita] Psychometrics of Strategic Skills

  • Free to Choose - EU-JUST-2017 A Game for Change on stereotypes

TEACHING 2021-2022

@IMT: Game Theory (PhD), Evolutionary Game Theory (PhD), Behavioral Economics (PhD)

Current PhD students

Juanfran Blazquiz-Pulido (co-advised with C. Cueva)

Marco De Carlo

Pablo Marcos-Prieto

Veronica Pizziol (co-advised with C. Nardi)

Roberto Rozzi (co-advised with P. Dindo)

Bianca Sanesi

Niccolò Toccafondi

Sedric Zucchiatti

Past PhD students

Tatiana Celadin (co-advised with V. Capraro)

Roberto Di Paolo (co-advised with G. Ponti)