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Imaging Scripts

UPDATE 6/27/2011: Fixed yet more typos in the script.

Imaging Scripts
To make my life a little easier, I decided to make some scripts to automate WIM image creation.  Decided to share, because otherwise they aren't put to good use.


 Step 1 - Configuration.CMDI've created a single file that stores all customization settings.  All other scripts will call this script before they proceed with their task.  This script has been populated with default settings that should be fine for most users.
 Step 2 - CreateWIM.cmdThis script creates a WIM image of your source.  It asks for the source, source type, and then generates a valid WIM.

 Step 3 - CombineWims.cmdThis will take your Windows Vista or Windows 7 images and combine them all together into one WIM (both x86 and x64).

 Step 4 - SplitWim.cmdAfter creating a WIM, you may need to split it so that Windows Setup can read it.  This script will automatically
split your "AIO" image created by Step 3 into smaller SWM parts so the Windows Installer can read it.

 Step 5 - Make ISO.cmdThis script facilitates the creation of an ISO of your images.  It asks for a source location, and then generates an ISO.  It now also checks the WAIK installation directory in addition to the current directory for oscdimg.exe.

I mainly use these scripts to create completely updated Windows Vista and Windows 7 installations.

Steps I take:
1 - Create a new virtual machine in VirtualBox
2 - Install Windows 7 and WAIK onto machine
3 - Attach a new drive to the Windows 7 WAIK Machine
4 - Install OS onto the new drive
5 - Boot to the new OS
6 - Update new OS, run sysprep /generalize
7 - Boot back into WAIK Machine
8 - Configure "Step 1 - Configuration.cmd" script
9 - Run "Step 2 - CreateWIM" to create an image of the new OS
10 - Repeat steps 3-9 for the number of images I'm creating
11 - Run "Step 3 - CombineWims.cmd" to combine all images together
12 - Run "Step 4 - SplitWim.cmd" to make the image readable
13 - Create Unattended settings
14 - Run "Step 5 - Make ISO.cmd" to finally create a DVD 

It helps to have multiple machines :-)

Keywords: WAIK Scripts, WAIK Process