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E-Tweaks 2.0

UPDATE: Automatically disables the Windows Experience Service if it will not cause issues on your version of Windows.
But, as it turns out, doesn't always work.  Be sure to open gpedit.msc and toggle a setting between enabled/disabled to force the group policy to activate.

E-Tweaks 2.0 is collection of batch scripts I've made for Windows 7 that aims to improve performance by disabling some background services and performing a few minor tweaks.
  • E-Tweaks.bat - Disables services that most users do not use.  Also performs the following tweaks: 1) Shows File Extensions 2) Disables Action Center 3) Disables Administrative Shares 4) Disables Reboot on BSOD 5) Disables Autorun on All Drives

  • PowerSchemes.bat - This script's primary function is to disable the "Sleep feature" that Windows Vista and 7 has implemented.  In addition to using extra power, the sleep feature can sometimes cause computers to hang when they are trying to wake.  I've made this script to remove this so called feature easily.  It will also change your Power Profile to "High Performance"

  • If the Windows Experience Service can successfully be disabled, the following other tweaks are applied to the Group Policy:
    • Disables all Customer Participation Programs
    • Disables Application Experience completely - If only the service is disabled and it is not disabled in the group policy, annoying "Permission Denied" errors will run rampant on your system.
    • Disables Detecting application failures caused by deprecated COM objects
    • Disables Detecting application failures caused by deprecated Windows DLLs
    • Disables Detecting application install failures
    • Disables Detecting application installers that need to be run as Administrator
    • Disables Detecting applications unable to launch installers under UAC
    • Disables Notifying of blocked drivers (they are blocked silently)
    • Disables Remote Assistance
    • Disables Solicited Remote Assistance
    • Disables Windows Error Reporting completely
    • Prevents access to 16 bit applications
    • Disables Application Telemetry (Sounds like spying)
    • Disables Autoplay
    • Disables System Restore
    • Disables Downloading Web publishing and online ordering wizards
    • Disables Internet File Association service
    • Disables Printing over HTTP
    • Disables Problem Steps Recorder
    • Disables Program Compatibility Assistance
    • Disables Program Inventory - so that the inventory isn't sent to MS
    • Disables Search filter content file updates
    • Disables Switchback Compatibility Engine
    • Removes "Order Prints" picture task
    • Removes "Publish to Web" for files and folders
    • Disables HotStart
    • Disables Windows Mobility Center