Eagles Nest


443's Eagle Nest

Jack Fossler, Dylan Day, Aaron Derby, Robert Politi, Austin Gleason (2016)

Max Pierce, Hayden Ellis, Tyler Shrewsbury, Cole Cooper, Isaac Harsh (2015)

Greg Gelman, Jack Clancy, Jackson Hill, Logan Kline, JP Fossler (2014)

Sam Waters (2013)

Colby Perkins (2011)

Ben Church, Chris Carpenter, Theo Dorsman, and Nathan Sievert (2010)

Phillip Carpenter, David Callis (2009)

Spencer Harjung and Dustin Fisher (2008)

Jonathan Stanley (2007)

Christopher Foltz and Peter "Danny" Dhamer Jr. (2006)

Christopher Eva, Randall Ferrell, Eric Griffith, Derek Fisher (2005)

Tom Carpenter, James Clerkin, Alex Ladysh (2004)

Michael Auger, Doug Fallon, Philip Harjung (2003)

Chris Frank (2000)

Paul F. & Michael E. Kepka, Michael P. McDowell (1993)

Gary L. Peterson, Robert Fieldman, Robert Elam (1991)

Mile R. Bolan (1990)

443's Eagle Hatchlings

(Life scouts working on Eagle)

Seth Graham

Luke Eskaros

Matthew Boyle

Cadan Hartten


Eagle Service Project Workbook

Eagle Rank Requirements

Eagle Application

The trail to Eagle is long and sometimes a rough path.Troop 443 is extremely proud of the following young men who have gone the road less traveled and earned the Boy Scouts highest rank. Their determination has been a inspiration to all who have been privileged to watch and hopefully to those who follow. These young men are our leaders of tomorrow. Congratulations!