Troop 443 Uniform Requirements

Just as a sports uniform identifies a boy with a team, the Scout uniform identifies a boy with the largest voluntary youth movement in the world. The Scout uniform tends to diminish the importance of a person's financial, social, and ethnic background, while clearly showing each individual's Scouting accomplishments.

Troop 443 requires all members to wear a full and correct uniform; consisting of the following official BSA parts (the troop presents the CAPITALIZED items):

    • Scout shirt with
    • green shoulder loops,
    • council patch,
    • green troop number,
    • Arrow of light (if earned),
    • Patrol medallion
    • Leadership Patch if in a role
    • World Scout Crest (above left pocket about 8 cm below shoulder seam)
    • Scout trousers/shorts ,
    • scout belt with buckle when not attached to trousers
    • Scout hat (optional)
    • Scout socks
    • TROOP 443 NECKERCHIEF with slide
    • Merit Badge sash (on formal occasions)
    • The latest edition of the Boy Scout Handbook
    • Any additional patches that represent any BSA participation can be worn temporary on the right pocket. Most BSA patches representing summer camp come with a button loop.
    • Undershirt red

The Scout Handbook has full-sized sewing templates on the inside front and back covers. Not shown is the Quality Unit patch (sew on the right sleeve four inches below the shoulder seam just below the patrol medallion).

At most summer activities and select activities, Scouts wear the TROOP 443 T-SHIRT (one provided free; additional shirts may be purchased), Scout shorts, and Scout socks. The Troop has a few unit T-Shirts to purchase. If a Troop T-Shirt is not available please have scout wear a RED T-Shirt.

Scouts typically wear full uniform at all meetings, to most day outings and warm weather campouts, and to any activities where we will be in the public eye. Of course, if there is an event that allows for the Troop T-Shirt (scout trousers and socks) such information will also be provided to your scout at Troop and Patrol Meetings.


A new uniform costs about $80 - $100, depending on how many bells and whistles are purchased along with the required uniform. The troop also has some used items for sale, and occasionally discount coupons. Please help our future Scouts by donating your son's outgrown uniform parts to the troop for our uniform exchange. Thanks.

In addition to the Regulation Scout Uniform, there are many occasions where the Troop wears the Troop 443 red T-shirt. The first shirt is available from the Troop; additional shirts may be purchased for approximately $9. Two T-shirts are suggested.

Finally, the Boy Scout Handbook is considered part of the uniform. All Scouts are required to have their handbook with them at all Troop meetings and most Troop functions.


Troop 443 offers scholarships as needed, because no boy should miss out on Scouting because of money. See the Scoutmaster for details.

Many of the costs associated with Scouting and the activities of our Troop can be offset by active participation in Troop sponsored fund-raising events. While some of the monies raised in these events go to the Troop for equipment repair and purchases, the Troop also maintains accounts for each of the Scouts who participate, helping to defray the costs of the outings, especially Summer Camp. Scouts are also actively encouraged to raise their own funds for their scouting activities. In recent past years, many scouts earned enough money to completely offset all of their scouting expenses and trip fees, including summer camp.

Troop Closet

Boys grow and grow. Many uniforms are hardly worn and BOOM a growth spurt! We have slightly used uniforms that are available to anyone. Sizes and amounts vary.

You can buy Scout supplies locally at the DelMarVa Council service center located at the River Front Shops in Wilmington, DE, or with the BSA national supply service center at 1-800-323-0732 or www.scoutstuff.org.