“A Scout works to pay his own way and to help others.”

Our Troop does its best to enforce "A Scout is Thrifty". In order to do so, we supplement what we need to run the Troop with a few major fund raisers. Some fund raisers are "required" of the scouts/adults and the money earned goes to the Troop. Other fund raisers are optional and the money earned goes into the scout's bank account.


We try to keep annual dues to a minimum. Dues are $100 a year and are collected every November ($88 without Scout Life magazine). This goes toward: BSA Registration and insurance, awards, and recognition. For Scouts joining the Troop part way through the year, dues are prorated. If you have questions about finances, please contact the Treasurer.

Earning funds...

Money in a Scout's, Scout Account can be used for any Scout related activity or purchase, including uniforms.

How Scout Accounts work... You must be registered and active with the Troop to maintain an account.

Used for - Money earned and/or donated to or by an individual Scout is earmarked in their Scout Account. Funds can be used for Scout related activity or purchases, including uniforms and gear.

Transferring - All scouts who transfer from one Troop to another unit (including Crews, Sea Scouts, Varsity Scouts etc.) earmarked funds will be reconciled and transferred to the new unit. Funds being transferred from another unit should include be made out to Troop 443 and indicate the scouts name.

Leaving scouting, aging out - All money in a scouts account stays with the troop if you leave the troop, and/or graduate (turn 18).

Eagle Rank Earned - money earned for your Eagle project is completely separate from your scout bank account. Upon earning your Eagle Rank, you are still apart of the Troop. Whether you are 16 or older and have earned Eagle Rank, you will continue to be a registered member as long as you remain active. Based on your activity with the Troop, the committee may have to approve any scout account usage.

Payment plans - We understand that not all fund raisers and/or supplements will cover all costs. Please contact our Treasurer using the link above for options.

Camperships - Each year our council offers funds to help scouts attend summer camp. As part of this program the scout applying must participate in fund raising efforts. Forms must be completed and submitted by April 1st of each year in order to receive any financial consideration.

Troop Camperships- As mentioned before, our required fund raisers can often help supplement camp costs. Scouts must participate in all fund raisers "A Scout works to pay his own way..." Please contact our Committee Chair for further information.

REQUIRED *both adult and scout participation

Fund raisers planned for this year include:

Pancake Breakfast (one of our biggest Troop fundraiser) (February on Scout Sunday) Our biggest fund raiser is the Pancake Breakfast on Scout Sunday at the Elkton United Methodist Church. Parents contact local businesses and request donations of flatware, pancake mix, drinks, sausages, etc. All proceeds from this breakfast go to the Troop. We encourage Scouts to dress in their uniforms to visit business' for donations with parents.

Scout Sunday at EUMC does not fall on the same date as published by BSA. EUMC conducts their's on the last Sunday in February. This is when the Troop and Pack address the congregation at all services to provide an update on how each unit is growing and summary of pass year trips/events. The Boy Scouts are paired with a Cub Scout to serve pancakes, usher and/or escort elderly into church.

Scottish Games Parking and Water Sales (May) Now our biggest fund raiser is the Scottish Games. The past two years our Troop's opportunity to supply parking attendants has helpped us be able to supplement trips, leadership dues, and maintain our trailer and equipment. Parking is a base fee which we need all 16 or older scouts plus all parents to help. Water Sales earnings are based on an individual bases and goes directly into the Scout's own account.

Optional *scout participation

Both are considered to be a "take order" fund raiser and a "show 'n sell" like popcorn. Opportunities to do both are available.

Wreath and Nut Sales (November)

Butter Braid Sales (March)